Wednesday, 15 February 2023

How do I transfer my funds from one wallet to another the most private way? (Reddit Bitcoin)

by Berkeley Lovelace

I’d like to transfer all my BTC funds from Ledger hardware wallet to a privacy desktop wallet like Wasabi which I again plan to use with another hardware wallet. Sparrow and Electrum are decent options but they don’t provide privacy features afaik.

Is it possible to mix the coins to kinda “break” the transaction history? A lot of funds have been bought from CEXs. Samourai seems one of the best privacy wallets out there, unfortunately it’s only available for Android. Mobile wallets imo don’t provide privacy cause you have to sign up (Play Store or AppStore). On the other side I’m able to setup a Samourai server on Umbrel that I could connect the Samourai wallet to.

Which wallets are you guys using? Is it generally a good idea to use privacy wallets? I guess you automatically get on the radar of law enforcement agencies – I’m not a criminal I just wanna have some sovereignty 🙂

Last thing to mention: I’m running a full node and Electrum server (Electrs) on Umbrel, so the wallet is gonna be connected to my own node.

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