Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Brazilian Digital Real Passes Public Blockchain Pilot Test With Flying Colors

by Berkeley Lovelace

Brazilian Digital Real Passes Public Blockchain Pilot Test With Flying Colors

A tokenized version of the digital real, the Brazilian central bank digital currency (CBDC), has passed a public blockchain pilot test successfully. The test, which was carried out by Mercado Bitcoin, a local exchange, using the Stellar network, shows that the digital real token can be used in public blockchains following all compliance rules set by Brazilian laws.

Digital Real Completes Stellar Blockchain Test

The digital real project, a Brazilian initiative for building a central bank digital currency, is advancing toward its possible issuance. Mercado Bitcoin, a local exchange, informed that a series of pilot tests designed to examine the interconnection of a tokenized version of the digital real, was conducted successfully.

The tests used the Stellar blockchain as a public blockchain, and included all of the steps that a regular user would have to conduct for the use of a tokenized, on-chain version of the digital real, and included traceability, know your customer and antifraud procedures, derived from a digital decentralized identity system.

The digital identity tasks were conducted by Clearsale and CPQD, which handled ID and fraud prevention processes in order to make these transactions compliant with Mercado Bitcoin Pay, the tool used by Mercado Bitcoin to process the transactions.

According to the institutions behind this test, this success shows that public networks such as the Stellar blockchain can serve as proxies for the operation of the digital real. On this, Fulvio Xavier, responsible for special projects at Mercado Bitcoin, stated:

Our thesis was to prove that it is possible, viable and safe to carry out transactions with digital assets using a representation of the real on public networks. The Central Bank is always concerned about understanding what happens when transactions leave its hands.

More Tests

The completed test is just a part of a whole array of projects that are being conducted to assess the behavior of the digital real in different situations. Mercado Bitcoin is part of the nine institutions selected by the Central Bank of Brazil to run these tests, as part of the special Laboratory of Financial and Technological Innovations (LIFT) challenge issued in 2022.

On Feb. 14, Roberto Campos Neto, president of the Central Bank of Brazil, revealed that a full pilot test would be conducted as soon as possible to deliver a comprehensive development route for the central bank digital currency on Dec. 2023, before his mandate ends.

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